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About Branded Games

Branded games are a great way to engage audiences. They can help drive traffic to your website, boost sales, capture lead data and leave a memorable impression with your target market.

Branded Games are often used as contests or sweepstakes where the participant plays for a chance to win a prize.

Game Marketing

Ok, but why "Game" for Marketing?

Mobile Gaming now makes up more than 50% of the Global Games Market in 2018. Gaming has quietly infiltrated every area of pop culture and as a result has become a part of our everyday lives also. You don’t think so? Those games of Candy Crush you play on the train and those games of Words with Friends before you go to bed count, Linda!

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Marketing Goals

How a Braneded Game Can Support Your Wider Marketing Goals?

We know that people love to play games - in fact, 2.2billion people play video games worldwide! But how can your business capitalize on this ever-growing audience?

Raising Awareness for Your New Product

Got a new product you want to draw attention to? How about offering it as the main prize in a branded game competition. When your players compete for your new product it will not only raise awareness of the product itself but will also be promoting your business and engage your customers.

Seasonal Promotions

We all know there are key ‘seasonal’ dates around the marketing year that we should probably be taking advantage of; Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Mother's Day and Sporting events. You know the deal.

Fun and Engagement

Sometimes you’re just looking for a way to engage with your target audience. Branded Games can provide a great platform for you to connect with your players, start direct conversations across social media channels and give a little something back in the way of prizes and good times.

Grow your email list

People will need to fill out a short form to play the game and get their chance to win prizes. Use this feature to grow your email list, phone number, etc and start sending offers to all game participants.


Our Branded Game features

Brand Engagement and Awareness

Let your customers immerse themselves in your brand for hours.

Performance Report

We can provide a summary of your game's key stats across core stats, engagement stats and Marketing KPIs all in a handy one page report.

Real-Time Leaderboard

Run a competition for your audience and offer a free prize draw to win.

Social Sharing | Virality

Extend the reach of your campaign by including social media share buttons in your game, encouraging your audience to share it with their friends.

Lead Generation

Capture names, email addresses and phone numbers of players.


With us, you can customize everything from design & layout to functionality – the sky is the limit.

Multi Platform

Which platforms support our Branded Games?

Our games are HTML5-based, which means they work on the web browsers of all modern smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and laptops. We cover iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows PC and more.

Publish your Branded Game

Where can you publish your Branded Games?

Our games are HTML5 and run in browsers. We give you a URL as an outlet so you can publish it anywhere which supports browser.

Your Social Medias | Instagram, Telegram, etc

You can publish your games in your social medias like instagram, telegram, facebook etc, so your audience is easily engaged

Your Website or Application

You can increase customer retention in your website or applicatioin with your Branded Games

Other Media Which Your Audience is there

Influencer instagram pages (for example in their stories), Popular social media pages or wherever your audience is there

Templates for Quick Work

Choose between a wide range of easy-to-configure templates, to quickly create and launch your own marketing game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of integrating game mechanics into a pre-existing system, product or service in order to motivate users to achieve a task.

What are Branded Marketing Games?

Branded Marketing Games are created by companies who wish to engage their audience and promote their business online. They encourage the company’s target audience to interact with the brand through gamified experiences.


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